True Love

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True love is the best thing you can ever experience and it is as beautiful as it can ever be…

True love is eternal, true love never dies,

True love is illimitable; beyond oceans and skies,

True love is cool breeze, true love is sunrise,

True love is verity; the ultimate truth above all lies,

True love never ends, it makes you fool & makes you wise,

True love is a myth, true love is sublime,

True love is earthly and true love is divine,

True love is everywhere, but only few can find,

Blessed are those, whose love is their lifeline,

Love is their lifeline…



55 thoughts on “True Love

      1. Jeffrey Lauriston

        Nice poem doc…Check mine out of facebook My name is Jeffrey Lauriston and I just so happened to have used your image for my most recent poem. I of course did make certain that all knew where the pic came from. Thanks doc2poet for being such a prolific writer. God Bless you.

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    1. That way everything is just a chemical phenomenon only…being alive, reading and writing…everything…and schizophrenia is dual personality disorder…I’ve seen it and it’s not like love…


      1. Yes that is why I say its all chemical unbalance ,when serotonin ,oxytocin increases person feels its love , love is a psychological disorder , grown up person starts behaving like child my Nona baby , babu ,shona ,etc what is this ,a kind of disorder

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  1. keelythecynicalrejectblog

    Wow. True and amazing. That was jaw dropping. Beautiful and intense. Thank you for posting it😊I loved ALL the lines. Do you think you can check my blog? In particular the one called Dreamscapes? I’d like your critique. It is

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