मर्ज़ : Dengue again

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It is that time of the year again. Unfortunately, this year cases of all the common vector

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borne diseases like dengue, chikunguniya and malaria are being reported from different areas of Delhi and it can not be a good thing. A surge in the number of these diseases together will only add to the confusion. The government may take any number of steps but considering the quantum of  lives being talked about here, it may not be possible to cover all the frontiers. Passing the buck may be postponed till later because the ultimate responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones lies with each one of us.

Here’s an advisory to help you keep your family safe. Stay healthy, stay safe:-)


Indian Bloggers

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The viral syndromes are yet again knocking our doors. The numbers are still on the verge of being called an epidemic but the panic is already through the roofs. All Delhiites please take notice…

Health Advisory:

  • Beware of mosquitoes (use nets, repellents, etc)
  • Symptoms to look for: High fever, chills, Joint pains, malaise, rash, etc
  • Consult your doctor ASAP
  • Take only Paracetamol for fever and pain
  • Drink plenty of fluids to maintain hydration
  • Most importantly wait for 5-7 days for the symptoms to resolve and take rest…

If you follow these simple steps you will be hale and hearty before you know it…while you are on rest you can browse through my archives of course…

Here’s a poem to put things in perspective…

स्वस्थ  होकर  जाते  मरीज़  के  दिल  से  निकली  दुआ

धड़कानों  की  धुन  पर  गुनगुनाती  फिर  कोई  ज़िंदगी,

 ख़ुशियों  में  डूबे  कोई  दिल, जो…

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19 thoughts on “मर्ज़ : Dengue again

      1. last week I had a patient with sinusitis and the referal pain was on the molars I told him his teeth were fine, and gave him medication for sinusitis, he was not happy I had get a panorama x-ray done to convince him!

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