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If you have excess weight, losing even 5% of your total body weight can dramatically boost your health. Weight loss can not only improve your blood sugar levels but can lower high blood pressure, heart disease risk and even the amount of medication you take.

Create an eating plan that you can follow for life. Make sure it’s based on healthy food, and you can keep doing it for long term.

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing a lot of weight. Taking off just 5% to 10% can improve your health and well-being. If you have diabetes, you may find your blood sugar levels are easier to manage and that you need less diabetes medicine after you lose weight. Many people who lose weight notice that they have more energy and sleep better too. 

BMI measures your height compared to your weight. For example, a person who is 5’7” and weighs 170 pounds has a BMI of 26.6, which is in the overweight range:

       Weight status           BMI

  • Underweight             Less than 18.5
  • Normal                     18.5–24.9
  • Overweight               25–29.9
  • Obesity                     30 or greater 

Physical activity can make you feel better, function better, and sleep better. You’re not likely to lose a lot of weight with physical activity alone but combining it with your diet strategy can improve weight loss. 

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