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 मैं शायर तो नहीं ,

पर इन जज़्बात का इस काग़ज़ से ज़रूर कोई नाता है ;

के लोग समझ पाते नहीं जो एहसास,

वो अनायास ही इसपर उतर आता है…

           Hello everyone, here’s me and my blog. I am a doctor by profession, a blogger by passion and a poet at heart. I enjoy being an avid dreamer and an ardent reader. I am a travel bug & love to explore things on my own and tea is what keeps me going. I am mystical, offbeat and vehemently romantic. I have a hyperbolic imagination with a hint of originality and innovation. I love music & it is better if playing live.  My blog is a reflection of my nerdy self and it is basically everything that comes to my mind which usually rhymes and I like to call it poetry. You can say a lot in just a few words with poetry…love it. It is mostly in Hindi but English posts too make appearances every now & then. I am still new to the blogosphere and as of now, I am not sure  how it will turn out! But one thing is certain…that you will always be intrigued to read it.

To  Blog  is  to  create, to  connect, to  share  and  to  inspire…

I have recently published my anthology and the response has been inspiring. Grab your copy now and don’t forget to come back. Would love to hear from you, be it feedback, suggestions or just chit-chat. Keep in touch. See you around:-)

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52 thoughts on “About Me

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  5. Hi there! 😀 Happy to meet another doc on the roll! ^_^ Your intro doesn’t feel foreign, I am actually not surprised. We doctors have a creative side too and here it goes. Reading yours felt like home! Well, I am more than happy to meet another goat!
    Best wishes and Happy Blogging!

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    1. Thank you shambhavi. Couldn’t just contain all that creativity and this blog happened. Happy to connect with you. I blog from Delhi and you must be somewhere exotic. See you around. My best wishes 🙂

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      1. Haha 😀 A blog from Muscat but I do stay in Delhi. Have come down to my parent’s for some! ^_^
        Happy Blogging! Looking forward to read more from you and will try to catch up on the ones I’ve missed. 🙂

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  6. Dear Friend,
    Thanks for stopover and liking my work,
    Just because of your this kind gesture I realized that such nice and vivid blog like your presence in blogger community, I really like and appreciate your work, please keep enriching blogger community with your thoughts and imaginations.

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