About Winning Diabetes

The “Winning Diabetes” Movement

Diabetes has reached humongous proportions and is still increasing steadily due to urbanization and its consequent ill effects of modern lifestyle, rising pollution, changing dietary habits and many more known & unknown contributory factors.

The remission of diabetes in itself is not that difficult but the stigma and misconceptions around it are a major hurdle on the path to recovery. I believe this problem may be solved to a large extent with a fair professional advice, thrashing prejudices, providing affordable solutions and patient education.

It is our attempt to connect with the general public at large and help them take control of their own health and therefore, empower the current and prospective diabetes patients to live a fruitful life with diabetes.

What are we doing?

Winning Diabetes: Self-help book

A book to help people learn about diabetes in a simplified question-answer format. (Hindi edition is also under works and will be available soon.) Available on Amazon & Flipkart

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Conducting Diabetes & Hypertension screening camps.

Diabetes-Friendly Sugar-Free Foods

Facilitating availability of Diabetes-Friendly Sugar-Free and wholesome food & snack items through one-of-a-kind e-store for Diabetics: www.diabakart.com

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