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Hi all,

                  I welcome you all to the new year of opportunities, an year of hope; hope to rise and grow, to grow as a person, a writer, a blogger or a poet. I like this time of the year and it is not only because of my birthday but the positivity that  thrills me. It is customary to make resolutions for the months to come. I have my own list but I don’t call them resolutions because mew year resolutions are eventually lost into oblivion by February. I may call them anything but I just want to be better than my previous self and I want it to be reflected on my blog. I have a lot of things in my mind for my space on the blogosphere and I hope you like them.

What’s new in 2017?

# A new look and new sections for my blog.

# Will explore new forms of poetry.

# A nerdy twist to blog posts.

And a new series celebrating true love.

What to expect in my new series: Truelove?    

Love is what brought me closer to poetry and it has a special place in my heart. In this series we will try to understand the chemistry of true love or what makes love true. The whats and whys of love. There will be poems, articles, prose, poetry and couplets. Some of my older poems will also make guest appearances. If you think you know love better than anyone else, you are most welcome to enlighten our minds too. Let’s start this wonderful year with love and romance.

तकते  थे  राह  उनकी  और  इस  जुस्तजू  में  ग़ज़ल  बन  गयी,

राबता  हुआ  उनसे  और  मुश्किल-ए-दिल  ख़ुद  हल  बन  गयी ||

If you are looking for some love, hop on and enjoy the ride.

अंतर्दर्शन: #SelfDiscovery

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 If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else. There was a time when I searched every nook and corner of my heart to look for answers, which I realized I knew already. You just have to quieten the mind and soul will speak for itself and reveal all its secrets. We often meet ourselves where we least expect it.

तैरने  चले  थे  दरिया  में, बीच  रस्ते  बरसात  हो  गयी,

के  ढूँढने  निकले  थे  ख़ुदा  को,  और  ख़ुद  से  मुलाक़ात  हो  गयी ||


                 Here are a few of the poems and couplets that churned out of my enlightened (only partially) mind.

मुकम्मल  जहाँ  की  तलाश  में,

फिरते  रहे  मारे-मारे ;

कैसे  मिले…जो  खोया  ही  नहीं,

हर  पल  पास  है  हमारे ; 

बस  आँखें  बंद  करने  की  देरी  है,

और  जी  उठेंगे  दिलकश  नज़ारे ;

के  लड़खड़ाते  ये  कदम  राह  ढूंड  ही  लेंगे,

कभी  यादों  की  भीड़  में…कभी  तन्हाई  के  सहारे ||


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सुनहरे  सपनों  की  आड़  में,
ज़िंदगी  के  रंगीन  पल, गुप-छुपकर  निकल  जाते  हैं ;

गिर  कर  उठना  तो  याद  रहता  है,
भूल  जाते  हैं…जब  लड़खडाकर  सम्भल  जाते  हैं ;

ये  पल  धुंधली  यादें  बनकर ,
होठों   पर  कभी  झिलमिलाते  हैं ;

और  कभी  आँसू  बनकर ,
आँखों  में  पिघल  आते  हैं ;

के  वक़्त  से  इस  कशमकश  में ,
दिल-ए-नादान  मुस्कुरा  ही  लेता  है ;

बस  खुशी  के  पैमाने  बदल  जाते  हैं…
खुशी  के  पैमाने  बदल  जाते  हैं ||


Here’s how Sant Kabira would have said this…

आपहु  मस्ती  काटिए,  हँसिए  और  हंसाए ;

चिंता  का  ऐनक  उतार  फेंक,  तो  जाग  सुंदर  हो  जाए ||

ऐसा  जीवन  हो  लाजवाब,  गर  सच  में  कोई  कर  पाए ;

सच्चा  साथी  है  मूल  मंत्र , जो  सच्ची  राह  दिखाए  ||


This post is written for Indispire Edition 148: Life is a journey of self discovery. Describe your journey till now or a part of your journey which brought to closer to a truth about life or closer to your soul and self-discovery.#SelfDiscovery

Tribute: #YaaronKiBaarat

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                 There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live life to the fullest. They balance our tipsy-turvy lives, add a bit of tang and fun, offer a shoulder to cry and most of all, keep the party going. They are the wonderful, the shining and everlasting FRIENDS. Friendship marks our life even more deeply than love. Love may sometimes degenerate into obsession but friendship is never anything but sharing. Sharing love, time, smiles, grief and anything to everything. We may find a friend in our soul mate, kids, parents, colleagues or even boss. What matters is that you find one. And I have been lucky enough to have met wonderful friends almost everywhere I happen to be.


कहते  हैंअच्छे  दोस्त  यूँ  ही  नहीं  मिला  करते ,

पर  उसने  ये  दामनकुछ  इस  तरह  सजाया  है ;

के  हर  मोड़  पर  मिले  नायाब  दोस्त ,

और  हर  एक  में  जैसेवो  ख़ुद  ही  समाया  है ||


                It has been too long to remember when we actually came close but one thing is certain that it was destined to happen. It may have happened when we shared our tiffins in class 3, when we played classroom cricket in class 8, went movies together in class 12, fought for each other, stayed up all night for studying, those 12am birthdays, 4am walks and tea, our marriages, and now even kids. I don’t exactly remember when we became BFFs from just friends but I am glad we did. I have been friends with my schoolmates since class 3 and collegemates from 2003 and now they are a part of every small or big event by default.

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के  इनसे  ही  दोस्ती  की  पहचान  है,

तकल्लुफ   नहीं, कोई  राज़  नहीं,

के  इनसे  ही  खिलती  मुस्कान  है,

शुक्रिया    खुदा  है  तेरा,

के  इन  लकीरों  मे  लिखा  इनका  नाम  है ||


                 As much as I adore friendship I love anything that celebrates it. Movies and TV have been a rock-star in this celebration. I loved the movies Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara which showed us the other side of friendship. Harry Potter series is another one that I love for reasons more than just celebrating friendship but I’ll keep it for another post. Another such series is about to start today on Zee TV. For the first time on Indian television, a fun-filled chat show Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat ( co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. Isn’t it great!! Celebrating real life bonds of our reel life stars on our very own silver screens in the comfort zones of our drawing rooms.

The  fun, laughter  and  small  talks,

The  road  trips  and  late  night  walks,

You  gave  meaning  to  everything  I  knew,

Rejuvenated  my  life,

Wanting  nothing  in  lieu,

With  you, my  life  is  like  a  grand  fest,

You  are  my  buddies, you  are  the  best…


                 This is going to be a grand show with celebrity overdose and a laugh riot with Ritesh Deshmukh & Sajid Khan as hosts.  The first stars to feature on the show are none other than the greatest of greats BigB himself and the tough guy Shatrugan Sinha. Don’t miss the show tonight at 8:00 PM on Zee TV. Visit here if you want to know more about the show. Be happy and mount the fan wagon for the show. See you tonight 🙂

Poetry is born…

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कैसे  न  लिखूं  ?

चाँद  सा  धवल  ये  काग़ज़,

बेचैन  लहरों   सी  मचलती  स्याही,

कैसे  ना  उठे  लफ़्ज़ों  का  तूफान,

हो  जायें  गर  ये  एक,

जैसे  रूह   को  मिल  गया  हो  इलाही ||


I learned a new word recently  (pronounced ‘Mu-ang-ta’) & I loved it. Hope you like it too:-)

कौन हूँ मैं ? #KnowYourself

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देखा  मैने  आईना, तो  वीराने  में  भी  शजर  पाया ,
मैने  वही  लिखा,  जो  मुझे  इन  आँखों  में  नज़र  आया…||

पाँव  ज़मीं  पर  नहीं  मेरे,  

के  इन  बादलों  पे  सवार  हूँ  मैं, 

के  मैं  हूँ, और  मेरी  तन्हाई,

और  इस  ज़माने  के  पार  हूँ  मैं,

बेफ़िक्र  हूँ, बेखौफ़  हूँ,

के  मद्धम  जलती  अंगार  हूँ  मैं, 

मैं  किल्कारी, मैं  आँसू  भी,

के  दामन  से  छलकता  प्यार  हूँ  मैं,

मैं  मुश्किल  हूँ, मैं  आसां  भी,

कभी  जीत  हूँ  तो, कभी  हार  हूँ  मैं,

उलझनों  की  इस  कशमकश  में,

उमीदों  की  ललकार  हूँ  मैं,

लुत्फ़  उठा  रहा  हूँ, हर  मुश्किल  का,

के  भट्टी  में  तपती  तलवार  हूँ  मैं,

ये  लहरें  ये  तूफान, तुम्हें  मुबारक,

के  कश्ती  नहीं  मझधार  हूँ  मैं,

मैं  मद्धम  हूँ, मैं  कोमल  हूँ,

और  चीते  सी  रफ़्तार  हूँ  मैं, 

के  दर्दभरी  मैं  चीखें  हूँ,

और  घुँगरू  की  झनकार  हूँ  मैं,

मैं  निर्दयी  हूँ, मैं  ज़ालिम  हूँ ,

के  मुहब्बत  का  तलबगार  हूँ  मैं, 

मैं  शायर  हूँ, मैं  आशिक़  भी,

इस  प्रेम-प्रसंग  का  सार  हूँ  मैं,

तुम  मुझसे  हो, मैं  तुमसे  हूँ,

झुकते  नैनों  का  इक़रार  हूँ  मैं, 

मैं  गीत  भी  हूँ, मैं  कविता  भी,

के  छन्दो  में  छुपा, अलंकार  हूँ  मैं,

मैं  ये  भी  हूँ, मैं  वो  भी  हूँ,

के  सीमित  नहीं  अपार  हूँ  मैं, 

के  सीमित  नहीं  अपार  हूँ  मैं ||


I penned this one long back in an attempt to define my own self and I hope It lives up to this prompt.  This post has been written for Indispire Edition 132No one knows you better than yourself…. Peep into your heart and describe yourself in one sentence #Knowyourself .