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Hello everyone!

Welcome aboard the #BlogchatterProjects. I have barely been pulled into this wagon at the last moment (ya, much like the DDLJ climax) and here I am with my stuff on the menu. People have come up with such awesome projects on social and informative topics but mine is a bit old-school.

I have compiled a poetic bouquet of all the verses and poems that have been hovering in 15cover817EfrontRound1my mind (and spilling onto my blog from time to time) and have managed to get it published. “मन मन्थन: एक काव्य संग्रह” It is not just my brainchild; ‘coz you can feel my heart and soul too in this one. So it is much more than that. I am here to take my book to the eyes and ears it deserves. It may not be a huge success yet but for me it is nothing short of that. To be able to come up with it and getting it published is already a success story for me.

FireShot Capture 1 - Buy Book Man Manthan - Kavya Sangrah B_ - https___www.educreation.in_store_ma

I am sure my book will be a perfect companion with your warm cozy blanket, hot cup of tea to dive into a poetic bliss.

With #blogchatter projects I wish to reach as many people as I can. So, here I am to start off this project and the festive December with lots of giveaways and guess what… there are no conditions.

If you feel you would love to read my book, want to give it a try, not sure, want to gift it to someone, want someone to read it, know someone who’ll love it….You just have to ask for it.

Yes, you get that right, if you want this book, I’ll send it to you.

And there is not just one but two ways to get a hand on it for FREE.

  1. Amazon vouchers: I’ll send you the voucher and you buy it yourself online. There are 10 such vouchers and 5 persons I am lucky to have come across have already been selected.
    1. Prateek Mathur
    2. Purba Chakraborty
    3. Jyotsana
    4. Alubhujia
    5. Rupam Sharma

So, you’ve got only 5 spots left. Hurry up!!!

  1. Goodreads Giveaway: I am also running a Goodreads giveaway which is open right now. So, just follow the link and submit your request. I’ll send a brand new autographed copy to your doorstep.

FireShot Capture 3 - Book giveaway for Man Manthan_ - https___www.goodreads.com_giveaway_show_265152

You have 5 spots left…

Of the 15 spots, 10 are still open for grab. Hurry up, get your tea and I’ll send the book 🙂

And there are no conditions at all. The celebrations have begun. And if you like it, don’t hesitate to spread the word. You may reach out to me on facebook, twitter, instagram, email, comment here or submit your reviews/ratings on amazon. Don’t forget to tag me 🙂

goodreads_f Happy reading 🙂

What can poetry do?


Ever wonder what poetry has done, how it has impacted our history and evolution and what more can poetry achieve…

Poetry can heal,

Deep dark wounds,

And the ones,

That doesn’t squeal,

Poetry can accord peace,

Melt shells around hearts,

Unravel the knots,

And contain this disease,

Poetry can raise concern,

Ignite the minds,

Stare down the blots,

And let them burn,

Poetry makes you celebrate,

Fireworks with words,

Shining with rhymes,

And hearts that vibrate,

Poetry is romance,

Love in its purest form,

Emotions you adorn,

Flying high in trance,

Poetry is woe,

Tears you can’t contain,

The weights and heavy blow,

And the Guilt you can’t tow,

Poetry is wisdom,

Exhilarating insight,

In darkness the light,

The cage and the freedom,

Poetry sets you free,

To limitless skies,

The deepest of dives,

And the count of three,

Poetry is what you are,

It’s what you see,

What you want to be,

The whole life in .rar,

Poetry has no bounds,

It knows no fear,

It’s clear yet nebulous,

And never lost nor found,

Poetry can bring change,

The positivity we need,

The moments we crave,

Even if it sounds strange,

More often it sound strange…


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I wish I were a free bird: #आज़ाद परिन्दा

Indian Bloggers

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Hello blog-chatterers,

I am new here and I absolutely loved the Blogchatter’s prompt for this week- I wish I were. I write more often in Hindi but I didn’t know I could do that here or not. So I just tried my hand at both. Hope you like them.

होता अगर मैं

होता  अगर  मैं  बेबाक  परिन्दा , छूता  उचईयाँ  जैसे  कोई  बाज़;

काव्य  सी  होती  उड़ानें  मेरी,  और  बादल  होते  मेरे  अल्फ़ाज़;

नदियों  में  ही  खिलता  बचपन, उन्मुक्त  हवा  मे  लेता  श्वास;

हर  दिन  रचता  गीत  नये,  और  समय  ही  होता  मेरा  साज़;

होता  अगर  मैं  बेबाक  परिंदा, नवजीवन  लेता  अगाज़;

उड़ता  फिरता  मस्त  गगन  में, अजब  ही  होता  मेरा  अंदाज़ ||


I wish I were

I  wish  I  were  a  free  bird,

never  caged  but  often heard;

Scaling  high  and  sinking low,

never  shaken  but often stirred;

I  wish  I  were  a  free  bird,

singing  at  will… lovely or absurd;

Quenching  my  fernweh*,

cruising  alone and bewildered;

I  wish  I  were  a  free  bird,

I’ll  be  happy …mark  my  word;

‘Coz deep  down  inside,

this  luftmensch#  is  a  caged  bird…


*Fernweh (German): Feeling homesick for a place you have never been to, wanderlust, a desire/craving to travel, a longing for far-off places.

#Luftmensch (German): Someone with his head in the clouds, one who is unconcerned with such practical matters as earning a living, a dreamer, social misfit.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week- I wish I were .

Free Bali Trip: #JoyOfGiving

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Hey Guys,

It is the festival of lights, color and sweets and it just got sweeter ‘coz I have been blessed with a baby boy. The mood is set, the time is right and @blogadda has struck the perfect cord yet again. So, here is a beautiful gift for all the travel bugs out there. Here it goes:

I am a member with Royal Resorts @ and they have awesome properties all over the world. Recently, I booked a trip to Bali for a friend but he will not be able to make it. So, I have decided to offer it to anyone out there for free who is interested . You may gift this to your loved ones too…but make sure to get the guest certificate in their name.
Note: These properties are only available for members but you may visit there on my invite. So, it is a one time opportunity. Don’t miss it:-)
The joy of giving: Gift, hope, smile, promise, love or even yourself.
Here are the conditions:
1. The booking is for 7N/8D at Royal Candidasa, Bali for a couple. . However, you may choose to stay for a shorter duration also and considering the discount it will still be a good deal.
2. Date of stay: 3rd Dec,2016 to 10th Dec, 2016. However, the dates may be rescheduled but subject to availability and an additional fee may be applicable.
3. A guest certificate in the name of the traveler with all terms and conditions will be issued.
4. It is available only as a one-time offer for free for the complete stay. However, you may have to pay  fee for issuing guest certificate (may be up to 10,000 INR)
5. It does not include airfare/visa or any other commodity not mention here. It only includes stay at the resort.
Interested candidates kindly leave your details in comments and I will reach out for you.
Thank you 🙂
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WOW prompt is: “The Joy Of Giving”.

Superheroes in Disguise: #Doctors

Indian Bloggers


We are the Doctors…

We  are  the  healers, we  cure  and  we  care,

Deal  with  situations, only  few  would  dare,

We  are  everywhere  but  yet  so  rare,

We  are  resilient; we  are  eccentric, way  beyond  compare,

We  who  missed  the  dusk  of  adolescence,

Solving  MCQs  and  dribbling  books  for  reference,

Missing  our  other  passions, we  donned  the  white  coats,

Learning  to  be  steady,  while  riding  multiple  boats,

We  study  from  law  to  stats,

Learn  everything  we  possibly  can,

For  us, life’s  a  marathon,

Just  what’s  left  between  the  exams,

We  who  graduate  as  our  peers  finish  PGs,

Few  letters  suffixing  our  names, sure  doesn’t  come  easy,

Can’t  take  shortcuts, we  must  take  the  longer  route,

Specialize; super-specialize, keep  studying  till  we  can  reboot,

The  Steth  is  our  ornament, an  honor  you  can  bet,

It’s  a  responsibility  too, as  big  as  it  can  get,

We  treat  people  irrespective  of  caste, color  or  time,

Doesn’t  matter  if  covered  in  vomit, stool  or  slime,

Saving  someone  is  worth  every  dime,

And  for  that, we  put  our  own  lives  on  the  line,

Friends  and  family  spend  the  nights  alone  and  dizzy,

As  we  are  notorious  for  being  perpetually  busy,

We  who  squander  more  on  books  than  on  meals  or shoe,

Associate  first  rains  with  malaria  or  dengue,

We  are  the  scholars, rewired  to  be  nerds,

We  are  more  than  meets  the  eye, caged  but  free  birds,

We  who  are  not  allowed  to  be  judgmental,

Must  allow  for  prejudices  while  being  gentle,

We  must  always  be  composed  and  calm,

Not  always  easy; ‘coz  yes, oh  darn!!

Deemed  gods  when  we  save,

And  killers  if  we  can’t,

Respect  is  that  we  crave,

It’s  what  we  need, not  what  we  want,

We  are  the  doctors,

The  healers, protectors,

We  need  you, and  you  deserve  us,

For  we  complement  each  others,

As  “Super-Heroes”  and  brothers…


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This weekend’s WOW prompt is: “Superheroes In Disguise”.