A to Z of Poetry: My Theme

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           Well, wasn’t it obvious? My theme for this challenge had to be about poetry. I love poetry and it has influenced me more than anything else. Poetry can harbor a tsunami of emotions and convey it with the subtlety of falling tears. Poetry is like water, it doesn’t matter if you are happy or distraught you can pour it in any mood. Poetry is like Rubik’s cube, it’s complex and bizarre if you don’t know how to decipher it. If you love to read beyond words…poetry is for you. Here are a few lines I wrote for an older post on poetry @https://doc2poet.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/poetry-me/.

Poetry  is  eternal,  poetry  is pure,

Give me pen and close the door,

Have a lot to say, but time no more,

Just let it flow and let me roar…

               You-will-find-poetry-nowhere Poetry as an art form may predate literacy and it is believed to have developed as an oral tradition first. Researchers think that poetry and poetic styling was originally meant to help storytellers memorize their stories more easily but now they are much more than that. If oral traditions were the unicellular organisms of the poetic universe then the poetry in its current form have evolved to be as diverse as the animal kingdom itself. Poetry has metamorphosed into an agglomerate of forms and styles over the centuries and each has its own legacy. A legacy words cannot match. Poetry has so much to it that even a whole month might fall short but I will give it a try anyway.

     to-have-great-poets-there-must-be-great-audiences-quote-1    I will be exploring the A to Z of poetry in 26 posts over the next month. A bit of different forms, unique styles, the greatest of poets, my own work and much more…all at one place…here. A new facet of poetry with each alphabet every day. So just stay tuned and get ready to dive into the colorful world of poetry with me. Even if you don’t like poetry here is your chance…don’t miss it.

              All my posts in this challenge will be sporting an A-to-Z badge and you can find them all from the link on my home page.

This post is part of the Theme reveal for #AtoZchallenge April 2016.


A to Z Challenge

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             If blogging is what makes you smile, gives you that adrenaline rush and keeps you sane…here is another opportunity to take a deep breath and dive into a blogging creek…who knows you might stumble upon a long lost treasure. Well, a number of blogging marathons have been making rounds but I guess I couldn’t hang on to them. Here’s a challenge I am looking forward to… A to Z challenge April, 2016. I really like the concept of theme and simultaneous reveal on 21st march. It’s like penning down a story of your passion and desires in a series of posts all over the month of April. It is going to be a grand blogfest and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Visit here : http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ and grab all you want.

Here’s my Checklist:

  1.  Invited people to participate?  [√]
  2.  Shared information about the Challenge via social media? [√]
  3.     Decided on a theme? [√]
  4.   Signed up for the A-Z Theme Reveal,   which is on March 21, 2016? [√]
  5.  Done any research on your topic of choice? [under process]
  6.  Written up any of your posts as yet? [under process]
  7.  Scheduled said posts for the designated dates? [not yet but coming soon]
  8.   Gone down the list of A-Z participants and checked out a few new blogs? [√]

So, what are you waiting for? Better get started…See you there:-)