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Solitude can teach you a lot of things. You can talk to yourself in the peace and tranquil ambiance of a quite night; you need expert advice too. I am writing this post at night only. Keep writing and reading.

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L               एकांत में साहिल पर बैठकर आती-जाती लहरों की कल-कल को सुनने और डूबते हुए सूरज को टकटकी लगाकर देखने से ज़्यादा शांति देने वाली और कोई जगह शायद इस जहाँ में ही नही है | हाल ही में गोआ के केंडोलिम बीच पर एक हसीन शाम में ये पंक्तियाँ काग़ज़ पर स्वयं ही उतर आईं |

इन किनारों पर हर सवाल का जवाब छुपा है…

प्यासी  रेत  को  सताती  ये  लहरें,

किरणों  की  चादर  ओढ़े  थिरकती  लहरें,

जाँबाज़ों  की  पतवार  तले  उफनती  लहरें,

सुरमई  सूरज  को  आगोश  में  भरती  लहरें,

सोए  किनारों  को  जगाती  लहरें,

डूबी   यादें  तटों  तक  लाती  लहरें,


जाने  क्यूँ  बेचैन  सी  रहती  हैं  ये ?

जाना  कहीं  नहीं   पर  निरन्तर  चलती  लहरें,

गाती  गुनगुनाती  लहरें,

 गुस्से  में  शोर  मचाती  लहरें,

कुछ  याद  दिलाती  लहरें,

सब  कुछ  भुलाती   लहरें,

कुछ है दिल में जो बताती नहीं, 

अनजाने ही, सब कुछ कह जाती लहरें,

के ये आईना हैं हर एक दिल का,

हर राज़ जताती लहरें,

ये ख़्वाब सजाती लहरें,

ये राह दिखाती लहरें ||

♥ ♥ ♥                                       doc2poet

अगर आपको मेरी कविताएँ पसन्द आयें तो मेरी पुस्तक “मन-मन्थन : एक काव्य संग्रह” ज़रूर पढ़ें| मुझे आपके प्यार का इन्तेज़ार रहेगा |

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What can poetry do?


Ever wonder what poetry has done, how it has impacted our history and evolution and what more can poetry achieve…

Poetry can heal,

Deep dark wounds,

And the ones,

That doesn’t squeal,

Poetry can accord peace,

Melt shells around hearts,

Unravel the knots,

And contain this disease,

Poetry can raise concern,

Ignite the minds,

Stare down the blots,

And let them burn,

Poetry makes you celebrate,

Fireworks with words,

Shining with rhymes,

And hearts that vibrate,

Poetry is romance,

Love in its purest form,

Emotions you adorn,

Flying high in trance,

Poetry is woe,

Tears you can’t contain,

The weights and heavy blow,

And the Guilt you can’t tow,

Poetry is wisdom,

Exhilarating insight,

In darkness the light,

The cage and the freedom,

Poetry sets you free,

To limitless skies,

The deepest of dives,

And the count of three,

Poetry is what you are,

It’s what you see,

What you want to be,

The whole life in .rar,

Poetry has no bounds,

It knows no fear,

It’s clear yet nebulous,

And never lost nor found,

Poetry can bring change,

The positivity we need,

The moments we crave,

Even if it sounds strange,

More often it sound strange…


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Perspective: Are you sure there’s a Coin?

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I wonder “why this kolaveri di?” (Tamil expression for why this killing rage) Why there is chaos everywhere, why so much negativity and why do we ponder around freedom of expression when most of us fail to imbibe, understand and accept things as they are.


Being a medico I have lived with multiple choice questions for a long time (longer that I actually loved to) and they teach us just one thing…there’s only one right answer and the rest are all wrong. Most people live by this rule in their lives too. But PGI Chandigarh (Medical college that conducts own MCQ based entrance test) refuses to bow down to this monotony and they offer more than one right answer to each question. That’s it. EUREKA!!! Although such question are even tougher to answer but this is where the ray of hope is hiding. The simple truth that there can be more than one right answers for a given situation. But here also we fall prey to “भला उसकी धुलाई मेरी धुलाई से सफेद कैसे?” I mean the fight continues to decide who is more right…Pity.





So where does perspective fall in here. It simply means two people can see the same thin differently from where they are standing and more importantly they both may be right. There are some other expressions for this too like, walking in their shoes to understand their views and the other one which urges you to look at the other side of the coin too.

मेरे सही होने से, तेरा ग़लत होना ही सही,
ये धरती अम्बर  सब तेरे, मेरा मन  का कोना ही सही ||


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN: If you are a mathematics nerd, you would have appreciated that besides the flip side there’s a rim of the coin too. The small thickness which may be a minority in itself but still a side of the coin. Bye the way, I don’t know who said that there can only be a coin. This concept is easier to understand if you consider a ball in place of a coin. See, now there is no flip side but a possibility of innumerable sides. An endless combination of perspectives to the same given situation.


Being right is not everything,

Wrong is not always a bee sting,

My right may be your left,

If we stand together,

Both are right and no one is left,

We see the flip sides of a coin,

Forget to see the rim,

Dive deep into the possibilities,

Fail to traverse the brim,

If we consider each and all,

Doubts will clear and thou shall see,

The coin is actually a ball,

If we can accord this truth,

Peace will be in near sight,

Acknowledge this simple fact,

That we both can be right,

We both can be right…



May God bless us all…

Poets for peace

Indian Bloggers

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Praxis Magazine has released the peace-poem-2016 which is a collaborative poem comprising of more than 250 segments contributed by #poetsforpeace from around the world.

Peace is always beautiful

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I am #proud to be a part of this initiative and that this small step may fuel the pursuit of peace globally. Kudos to the efforts of #Praxis team, the poets and anyone & everyone who played the smallest of part in this endeavor. Please read and share it to spread the message…

Here is what I had to say…

Why do they crush innocent lives?

Foster violence and glorify knives,

Killing people in HIS name,

HE who loves everyone the same,

Splitting up hearts with borders and regions,

Dissecting names to dye them with religions,

Millions live in fear, dying an inch every day,

Carrying the burden of lives they lost on the way,

Why do they want Jesus, Muhammad and Shiva to compete?

They only end up humiliating the gods with their deceit,

Often we forget the WHOs and WHATs that we have lost,

Not knowing exactly how much this violence would cost,

Peace can only be a distant dream,

Until we step up to the occasion like a team,

Let’s pray those poor souls may rest in peace,

Let happiness prevail and violence may cease,

Violence may cease…


– Amit Prakash (doc2poet)

      You may read the complete poem @ http://www.praxismagonline.com/peace-poem/ or download it as pdf from the following link: http://www.praxismagonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Poets-for-Peace-September-21.pdf