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A month long journey that gave me so much…

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Made a small video to thank all my followers and readers. Take a peek here 🙂 

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फिर मिलने की आस लिए BlogchatterA2Z Challenge April 2018 के लिए ये अंतिम भेंट :


Join me on Instagram for a picturesque poetic journey.

अगर आपको मेरी कविताएँ पसन्द आयें तो मेरी पुस्तक “मन-मन्थन : एक काव्य संग्रह” ज़रूर पढ़ें| मुझे आपके प्यार का इन्तेज़ार रहेगा |

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मन मन्थन: #published #pre-order now

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Hi peeps!!

Ebook carnival

First of all, Thanks to @Blogchatter for giving my book “Man Manthan” the platform and a little push it always needed. My book has been a part of the novel Blogchatter initiative “Blogchatter Ebook Carnival Season Two” and I was amazed to see the overwhelming response. My ebook was hosted on their website alongside many accomplished authors and bloggers.

My book was also hosted on Goodreads s part of the campaign and the blogchatter team helped me become a goodreads author. My first step towards becoming a published author.

Some awesome bloggers even reviewed my work and boy they loved it and I loved that they loved it. Here are the reviews that took me closer to being a published author.  Click here for the reviews of my book by monika and by Prateek mathur. You may visit all the reviews here

Goodreads bookshelf here

The final bell has rung and my book is going to see the light. My book is now available for pre-order on in hard copy and as ebook on google play. Soon enough, it will be available across all major platforms like flipkart, amazon, infibeam, ingram, kindle etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy now and thank me later. You know where to find me. See you out there:-)

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Here’s the back cover of my book which says it all…Pls share:-)


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The second edition of Ebook carnivalby Blogchatter is here and my first Hindi poetry anthology has been published  on their website. It is a one of its kind initiative by blogchatter team to put together an assortment of all kinds of  Ebooks by bloggers and writers alike. These 33 books will be available for free download on their website for two months. You may download them for free for a soulful reading over the vacations.

Here’s what this book is all about: 

Illusions Of Inner PaintDownload here

“This book is a collection of Hindi couplets, poems, haiku, etc and each composition is a reflection of a virtuous moment from the author’s life. This is not merely an anthology but a journey through the rainbow of the author’s mind. If you love Hindi poetry, this one is for you.”

Follow the link for a peek and I am sure you will love…

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Poetry is born…

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कैसे  न  लिखूं  ?

चाँद  सा  धवल  ये  काग़ज़,

बेचैन  लहरों   सी  मचलती  स्याही,

कैसे  ना  उठे  लफ़्ज़ों  का  तूफान,

हो  जायें  गर  ये  एक,

जैसे  रूह   को  मिल  गया  हो  इलाही ||


I learned a new word recently  (pronounced ‘Mu-ang-ta’) & I loved it. Hope you like it too:-)

मर्ज़ : #Health

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Created with @photofunia

The viral syndromes are yet again knocking our doors. The numbers are still on the verge of being called an epidemic but the panic is already through the roofs. All Delhiites please take notice…

Health Advisory:

  • Beware of mosquitoes (use nets, repellents, etc)
  • Symptoms to look for: High fever, chills, Joint pains, malaise, rash, etc
  • Consult your doctor ASAP
  • Take only Paracetamol for fever and pain
  • Drink plenty of fluids to maintain hydration
  • Most importantly wait for 5-7 days for the symptoms to resolve and take rest…

If you follow these simple steps you will be hale and hearty before you know it…while you are on rest you can browse through my archives of course…

Here’s a poem to put things in perspective…

स्वस्थ  होकर  जाते  मरीज़  के  दिल  से  निकली  दुआ

धड़कानों  की  धुन  पर  गुनगुनाती  फिर  कोई  ज़िंदगी,

 ख़ुशियों  में  डूबे  कोई  दिल, जो  था  कभी  ग़मज़दा ;

रूखे  से  लब  थिरकते  फिर  ख़ुशी  से  मिलकर ,

जब रोम-रोम  हो   स्वस्थ  और   मर्ज़  ले  विदा ;

 भावुक  मन  नम  आँखें , करती  हों  जैसे  इलतज़ा,

और मीठी  मुस्कान,  काँपती  आवाज़,  करती  शुक्रिया  अदा ;

है भाव  विभोर  ये  तन  और  मन,

के   क़ुबूल  हुई  हो  जिसकी  दुआ, ये  रूह  वो सुकृत आबिदा…

ये  रूह  जैसे  वो  आबिदा…


Stay safe, stay healthy…

Online प्यार: #Relationship

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वो  नज़ाकत, वो  इंतज़ार, वो  नज़रों  का  मिलना,

बहका  सा  इज़हार  और  फूलों  का  खिलना,

छिपकर  करना  बातें,

छत  पर  मीठी  मुलाक़ातें download,

वो  अलविदा, वो  कल  के  वादे, वो  लेना  दिल  का  हाल,

खाना  खा  कर, घर  पहुँच  कर, देना  मिस  कॉल ,

के  वो  था  अलग  ही  दौर,

वो  समय  था  कुछ  और,

अब  तो  मिलती  हैं  नज़रें  Profile  pic  profile  से,

और  छूने  का  एहसास  मिलता  है  click   Mouse-pointer-2  से,

के  मुलाक़ातों  पर  लड़ना  हुआ  अब  आम  है,

पर  मिलने  के  fb status  पे…  likes  तमाम  है,


दो  पल  का  इंतेज़ार  तो  ग़ज़ब  ही  ढा  गया,

के  मिस  कॉल  की  जगह  अब  blue  tick   unnamed आ  गया,

के  अब  छत  पर  नहीं… online  दीदार  होते  हैं,

twitter4  पर  हंसते  हैं  और  skype-logo-open-graph   पर  रोते  हैं,

ये   WIFI  wifi-medium-signal-symbol_318-50381  जेनरेशन  क्या  जाने?  वो  मोहब्बत, वो  एहसास,

के  अब  फोन  नहीं  गर  स्मार्ट, तो  कुछ  नही  है  पास,

के  Transformer   f2cceea180a85d88539cad126a5d9433  के  भेस  में, बैठा  है  जैसे  प्यार  का  फूल,

Online  आकर  पुरानी  बातें…गये  हैं  जैसे  सब  भूल,

गये  हैं  सब  भूल…


This post is written for Indispire Edition 128: Technology is destroying relationships. Genuine relationships are subsumed by Facebook and whatsapp… #Relationship.