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Diabetes management is not merely popping pills, but it needs a multi-pronged approach which can bring about a sustainable change in the lifestyle of the affected person. 

Weight loss, exercise, dietary changes to switch to diabetes friendly products, medicines and ayurvedic remedies work together synergistically to bring a wholesome change which is greater than the simple sum of each one of them. 

Each petal of the diabetes management strategy has their own benefits, and you may be having a personal favorite but practicing all of them together has some added benefits:

  • a wholesome change in lifestyle
  • less dependance on medicines
  • less medicines, less side effects
  • positive approach towards diabetes management
  • synergistic effect of complementary strategies
  • sustainable approach with longer remission 

हर ऊँगली स्वयं विफल भी हो, 

पर एकता में बल है; 

हर कदम का मोल पहचानो, 

के समन्वय में हल है…|| 


Synergy helps sustain sugar remission with simplistic approaches. 

Bonus words:

Seeds: We have already talked about the benefits of seeds in our post on quinoa, read it here

Stevia: Stevia has been discussed in detail in our post on natural sugars, read it here 

Sugar: Sugar and its metabolism has been covered in a number of previous posts, scroll through them and learn about diabetes.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2023


One thought on “S: Synergy #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Thank you for highlighting the multi-pronged approach to diabetes management and emphasizing the importance of a wholesome change in lifestyle. It’s great to see the benefits of various strategies working synergistically towards sustained improvement in sugar remission.
    founder of balance thy life https://balancethylife.com


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