नम्रता: #Humility

Humility is knowing that you don’t know everything…

नम्रता : Haiku

असीम ज्ञान का सागर,
बहती धाराऐं,
कूप- मंडुक मैं निराधार…||


कूप मंडुक = कुएं का मेंढक

Or as they would say:-

There is so much to learn out there, a vast expanse of knowledge,

Astute teachers who are imparting this knowledge indiscriminately to everyone alike,

And I am just a naive person living within the boundaries of my own limited knowledge not realizing the actual size of it.

This post has been written for Indispire Edition 434 on When we realise that we are all tiny little dots in an enormous cosmos of stars and giant bodies, we will experience humility. And goodness will follow. #Humility by Tomichan Matheikal .

#BlogchatterA2Z : L

Killing newborn or unborn babies is a heinous crime and it can not be spared in my eyes. These little ones are so beautiful and have committed no mistakes BUT to some people they are just a mistake…

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#BlogchatterA2Z : J

We are always running without actually knowing where to go. The experts say we should stop sometimes to catch our breath, experience life, etc. BUT do we realize we all end up running without a cause in this rat race…

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