Book review 2: #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

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Hey guys!! I am back with another review for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. I have tried to pick three completely different books for the review program and each one is better than the other. So, here it goes…

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Well! I am a writer/poet in the making and this one ought to an instinctive choice for a newbie like myself. Writing tips by a pro writer it said and I just grabbed it with both hands. It was really helpful and an awesome read.

About the Book: Writing Tools, 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing

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This book sums up eighteen years of the author’s experience, her special tips and tricks which she learned over her long career and agreed to share with us with this beautiful book. Writing Tips explores writing, marketing, and social media knowledge and shortcuts, making you a better writer. Explore the alphabet of writing tools with her and improve your writing.

About the Author: Cheryl Sterling

Cheryl Sterling is an American author of several paranormal and contemporary romance novels and short stories. Her first novel, What Do You Say to a Naked Elf?, was a finalist in the TARA contest and was later sold to Leisure Books, an imprint of Dorchester Publishing. Cheryl is a co-founder and past president of Grand Rapids Region Writers Group in Grand Rapids, MI. She has conducted several workshops that focused on the writing craft and co-chaired their first “I’ve Always Wanted to Write a Book” regional conference. In her spare time (she’s retired, so there’s that, but she writes a lot, so, never mind), she reads. All genres (except suspense and horror because she reserves the right to mess with readers’ minds). She loves history (lots of ideas to steal borrow), sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, Regencies (who knew so many eligible Dukes were around?), anything Doctor Who, and/or quantum entanglement. Her passion is learning and improving her craft, but mostly, she is a teacher. Cheryl currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and their cat, Coco Xena.

What I loved about the book:

  1. Stencil for writing any novel: It is exciting to see how you can use these tips for any novel of any genre. How to conceive and draft a book, its characters and how to go ahead with it. Yes, it tells you all. Well at least a lot and it is for free.
  2. The How to’s in addition to the whats of marketing your book: This book not only lists the portals to catapult your work but also gives the how to guides to do so. And you will not miss out on any step.
  3. A step ahead: We all know that facebook, pinterest, goodreads etc are great tools for marketing but this book takes it an edge further with some advanced tips to tap their maximum potentials.
  4. All work no play: So it is basically a how to guide with more info and no crap.
  5. If you are a writer in the making you will find more than many ways to use this one to excel in your writing career.
  6. My sincerest thanks to the author for sharing this with us and hope that I can make the best use of it.

Verdict: 4/5. A budding writer’s lamp with a genie…


Check out all the books hosted on the Blogchatter Ebook carnival and pick your favorites.

These books are also available on Goodreads, grab your copy now and immerse in the virtual world of books.


Thank you Blogchatter🙂

Book review 1: #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

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First of all kudos to the blogchatter team for being the dream machine that churned out so many dreams into the real world all at once. It is a great achievement on their part to be hosting thirty three Ebooks on the second edition of their #EbookCarnival and each one is an amazing masterpiece.

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Out of the rainbowy mix of Ebooks, I instantly felt the connection with this one. I may not exactly be a minimalist already but I have been on this journey for a while now and if you are too, you will love this book.

About the Book: A to Z of Minimalism

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This book lists the path the author charted out for herself but I am sure most of us can connect to as well. She believes in transforming life step by step on the lines of the quote “Minimalism is not a goal but a journey” and it is beautifully described in her book.

About the Author:

Upasna– she is a full time working professional, a full time mother (actually being a mom can never be linked with a clock), a full time blogger and now an author. She blogs at “Life through my bioscope” about self improvement, parenting experiences, inspirations and lifestyle changes.

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What I loved about the book:

  1. Well structured writing: This book is cleverly divided into 26 chapters based on the alphabet with each celebrating a different aspect of minimalism. It is all about minimalism but never feels repetitive.
  2. Most of us can connect with it: You may be an entrepreneur, homemaker, student or a business tycoon, this book respects the differences in all our lives and the way it showcases minimalism, any or each one of us can embrace it with ease.
  3. Flexibility and alternatives: It is not just a set of rules but it gives you an insight and triggers a soul searching response. It is full of alternatives and open to your own additions.
  4. Simple and honest: It is simple in a pleasant way and gives positive vibes that you can do it too. You can feel the experiences and honesty behind the writing.
  5. It’s a quick read and a pleasant one. Hope you will love it too.

Verdict: 4.5/5. A must read…


Check out all the books hosted on the Blogchatter Ebook carnival and pick your favorites.

These books are also available on Goodreads, grab your copy now and immerse in the virtual world of books.


Thank you Blogchatter🙂

My First Anthology: #published

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The second edition of Ebook carnival by Blogchatter is here and my first Hindi poetry anthology has been published  on their website. It is a one of its kind initiative by blogchatter team to put together an assortment of all kinds of  Ebooks by bloggers and writers alike. These 33 books will be available for free download on their website for two months. You may download them for free for a soulful reading over the vacations.

Here’s what this book is all about: 

Illusions Of Inner Paint
Download here

“This book is a collection of Hindi couplets, poems, haiku, etc and each composition is a reflection of a virtuous moment from the author’s life. This is not merely an anthology but a journey through the rainbow of the author’s mind. If you love Hindi poetry, this one is for you.”

Follow the link for a peek and I am sure you will love it 🙂   Download here:  मन मन्थन 

I will be posting reviews of three selected books on my blog over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for some fun:-)

Looking forward to your comments, feedback, and reviews. Kindly share with your friends on all social media platforms, I’ll be waiting for you all there.

Poetry & me (2)

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Elysian: beautiful, creative, divinely inspired…

Poetry  means  emotions; love, laughter  and  pain,

It  tends  to  my  wounds,  and  keeps  me  sane,

के लबों पर पिघलते गीतों को,   जैसे  साज़  मिल  जाते  हैं,

और  दिल  से  रिसते  जज़्बातों  को,  मीठे  अल्फ़ाज़  मिल  जाते  हैं,

These  words  extricates  my  soul,  and  quells  disdain,

I  am  a  scorching  desert  and  poetry  is  my  rain,

के  काव्य  करता  है  मुझे  रिहा, और   ख्वाबों  को  उड़ान  देता  है,

दिखाता  है  ये  इंद्रधनुष  और  उमंगों को  आसमान देता  है ,

रंगों  को  ज़ुबान  देता  है, हसरतों  को मुक़ाम देता  है ||



Sharing and learning new words takes us closer to other cultures and their literature. And it is just beautiful. Hope you feel the same too. 🙂

Here’s a little more about me and poetry. Follow the link and let it sink: 

Poets for peace

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Praxis Magazine has released the peace-poem-2016 which is a collaborative poem comprising of more than 250 segments contributed by #poetsforpeace from around the world.

Peace is always beautiful

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I am #proud to be a part of this initiative and that this small step may fuel the pursuit of peace globally. Kudos to the efforts of #Praxis team, the poets and anyone & everyone who played the smallest of part in this endeavor. Please read and share it to spread the message…

Here is what I had to say…

Why do they crush innocent lives?

Foster violence and glorify knives,

Killing people in HIS name,

HE who loves everyone the same,

Splitting up hearts with borders and regions,

Dissecting names to dye them with religions,

Millions live in fear, dying an inch every day,

Carrying the burden of lives they lost on the way,

Why do they want Jesus, Muhammad and Shiva to compete?

They only end up humiliating the gods with their deceit,

Often we forget the WHOs and WHATs that we have lost,

Not knowing exactly how much this violence would cost,

Peace can only be a distant dream,

Until we step up to the occasion like a team,

Let’s pray those poor souls may rest in peace,

Let happiness prevail and violence may cease,

Violence may cease…


– Amit Prakash (doc2poet)

      You may read the complete poem @ or download it as pdf from the following link: